Wednesday, 18 May 2011

VERY special gift... from a VERY special friend AND artist!!!!

My dear friend and AMAZING dollmaker Esther Verschoor sent me this absolutely FABULOUS doll.. one of the "Dali Twins" collection... and needless to say that I am OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!

The detail on this doll is exquisite!!!!!!!!! I have never received a gift doll from a fellow dollmaker.. and to get one from Essie is such a treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have ever considered buying one of her amazing dolls.. DO NOT hesitate!!!! Her work is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can check out her blog here:

THANK YOU ESSIE :-******************

Thursday, 17 February 2011

OWOH winner :)

The winner of my OWOH giveaway is #37 Astrid Maclean from Scotland (

Thanks so much EVERYONE for taking the time to stop by and introduce yourselves!

I really enjoyed the journey of meeting so many wonderful artists and bloggers from ALL around the world :)

I have been encouraged by your lovely comments and inspired by your works of art!

Big thanks to Lisa for another great event... and wishes that it won't be the last one after all ;)

Warm regards

Monday, 14 February 2011

Yet another..

Its so hard to photograph these fairy babies.. :(

While I am struggling with a pile of fabrics, trims, beads and sequins for my dolls' clothings.. its nice to take a break and play with some textures and clay.. (or anything that doesn't require any scissors or thread lol).

I should make some with different color combinations.. but anything even remotely resembling red or fuchsia.. makes the whole thing look way too dramatic...

Monday, 31 January 2011

One World One Heart 2011 Giveaway

This is the 1st time I am participating in the One World One Heart blog event and I am VERY excited!! For any 1st time visitors, my name is Yovanka Black and I am a doll-maker living in Athens, Greece. I make OOAK dolls using polymer clay.

I decided to make something cute and lovable that wouldn’t take much of your space and perhaps even offer you a smile ;)

My door price is a OOAK Mini (fairy) Baby in a nut ornament. It is handmade by me using polymer clay, a Buddha nut and mixed media. It is about 3’’ wide and has a sparkly little loop for hanging.

The OWOH event is open to ALL active bloggers from ALL around the World!

ALL you need to do, to get a chance at winning, is leave a comment on this post! THAT’S IT!

***Only 1 comment per person please***

The event will be officially over on 17th of February at which time I will be picking (using an online random number generator) and announcing the winner!

Here is a link with the list of all the other wonderful OWOH participants :)

*** You can click on pictures to view them at a larger magnification ***

Sunday, 19 September 2010

New wip

So there is still a LOT of work to be done on her.. lighting is also a bit off... and that mess of hair that you see is actually a pile of dark brown mohair resting on her head.. helping me to decide her hairstyle :)

She has blue glass eyes and permanent mohair eyelashes... yet thats all I can say really for now..

Her name and story will be revealed some time later :)

I guess that by now you may have noticed that I enjoy making sad dolls... I find them very inviting for some reason.. I hope I am not tiring you guys though...

Thanks for stopping by!


p.s. Also, my blog makeover is finished (apart from a couple of details that still need to be figured out).

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Working on my blog's template

I have been working on creating a custom background for my blog (along with my logo etc.) and this is the reason why there have been so many changes the last weeks in my blog's appearance.

I apologize to all of YOU (that take the time to stop by to view my work and/or comment on it). I know I am making your life more difficult, when you constantly need to re-adapt to any changes I may have made in between your visits :(

Hopefully I will have finalized all designs within the next couple of weeks, at which time I will be organizing yet another giveaway. A little *thank you* for all your patience!!!


p.s. Btw... I would love to know what you think of my new blog header :)

Monday, 2 August 2010


This started out as something COMPLETELY different (in fact SO different.. that I am actually too embarrassed to mention lol)... yet I decided to go with it. I am not very happy with the way she turned out.. yet I hope that with some (bold) experimentation she may become somewhat more interesting..

I have probably completely messed up her makeup (and features for that matter), she is way too stylized (in the wrong direction) and just plain (=being the *key* word) weird!

I think of her as some kind of *sea* creature for some reason. But she looks like an elf... and as far as I know.. there aren't many of those living under water. Also she was so stubborn in being realized (totally ruining ANY plans *I* had for her along the way) that I feel her name (at least) is a keeper!

Any thoughts and/or recommendations would be greatly appreciated at this point ;)

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